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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, October 14, 2011

Southern California October Beach Days

There is nothing better than being able to drive to the beach on a Thursday afternoon after school (It's minimum day schedule)..and hang out with friends until OCTOBER!!!!!! Feeling awfully grateful today!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cassidy is 5 1/2

I am really starting to like the tradition that my mom set up to celebrate 1/2 birthdays with the kids. This weekend...Cassidy turned 5 1/2! This little girl had a great weekend with Grandma. Grandma Marcia took her to the painting shop with Piper to make the annual plate. Both girls decorated and painted and enjoyed themselves. The only thing I don't like about it is that when you's empty handed. I guess the reward comes in about a week when we can pick them up!

It's also been a busy weekend with soccer games and visitors from Mission Viejo (glad you came to visit Jenny and Colin) Cassidy got to have the other half of her 1/2 birthday on Sunday!

Grandma took her to breakfast at IHOP (Cassidy was just asking why we never go to breakfast?), then to buy a present.

She wanted an "easy button" from Staples (too cute)...and to go to build a bear and make a new friend. Then they went and got a chocolate pie from Marie Calendars. And she proceeded to have pie for lunch! Pretty much a perfect day...if you ask me!

So here's a toast to great traditions...1/2 birthdays! Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


About 2 years ago Kaden had x rays taken at the dentist. She said.." You'll lose your teeth when you're 6". Soooo.... Kaden woke up on the morning he turned 6 trying to wiggle his teeth...NO LUCK! After finishing all of Kindergarten and First grade without getting his name on the "tooth chart"... his bottom tooth actually was wiggly this summer! See the look of pure joy when his tooth was actually wiggly?

Well...after the last month of watching him with his hand in his mouth during breakfast, lunch ,dinner, soccer practice, car rides, movies, playdates etc.. it was super duper loose! See below!

So I picked him up from a friends house after school, drove 1 block home, and it fell out in the car! Pure JOY for him! He wanted to call everyone and tell them, send pictures, ...heck he thinks this is CNN news worthy! I LOVE the real smile below.

And now that I can see where his other tooth is coming looks like we need to start saving money for braces!
*** By the way, the tooth fairy was pretty generous for the first tooth. A five dollar bill and 5 gold coins! AND he wanted to keep his tooth...He wants to save it to show his own kids one day! Insert "awwwww" here!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new school year

Both kids are off to a great start! Kaden going into 2nd grade and Cassidy into Kindergarten. Their school started today and went off without a hitch! Can't believe we are old enough to have a 2nd grader!


And OFF she goes.... backpack, new outfit, hair done, and a smile! Cassidy Brooke Epstein we are SOOOOO proud of you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Papa Chickie

Yesterday was one tough day! For what I thought was one tough week...but after driving back from Camarillo last night (I was feeling like a weight had been lifted)...but after talking with the kids...Kaden broke down. There is nothing harder for me than hearing my child cry and suffer in pain and not be able to heal that pain. Kaden was worried. I asked about what...and he revealed..."I just want to make sure Papa is ok". Then he proceded to look at his pictures of Papa that he took on his DS. His sweet little lip began to quiver and tears ran down his face. We got home and he ran upstairs and locked himself in his bathroom. Luckily, Matty was able to comfort him somewhat and they both fell asleep. So below I am posting my Eulogy/Memory speech I did yesterday at the service. Maybe one day Kaden and Cassidy will be able to read it and remember what a special bond Papa had with him as well!

"Hi my name is Katie Epstein and I am Chick's daughter in law…Matty's wife. We've had a lot of shared memories and fun times as a family. Family was special to Chick as you've heard…but my perspective is a bit different…special if you will. I got an insiders view of one very proud grandpa to our son Kaden and daughter Cassidy!

We are lucky to live in Camarillo which happens to be on Chick's way home from many of his favorite golf courses. That being said, with as much golf as he played…the kids and I got to spend a lot of afternoons with Papa Chickie. Many times I would come home from getting the kids at school and we would see his Prius or as the kids called it ….Papa's egg shaped car and we would know we had a visitor. Some days he'd let himself in and be sitting on our couch and others days he would sit outside starring at the plants he helped Matty plant …an documenting on the great Camarillo weather.

He loved spending time with the kids and had a very special bond with Kaden. They were like playmates. Whether it was hitting balls at the range, throwing him passes in the yard or teaching him the basics of baseball…they were buddies. Kaden would hop into the car, climb into his booster seat, and away they would go on a sporting adventure. Kaden and Chick were two peas in a pod…athletic, competitive, happy, content with life.

Chick loved being a grandfather to both kids. He rarely missed a soccer game, baseball game or dance recital. He loved helping me chueffer the kids to their activities when I needed help…and sometimes even when I didn't. He would read books about animals to Cassidy and pretend to eat the food she created in her kitchen… all while assuming his regular position on our couch. Now if only he could have actually figured out how to turn on our tv himself (or even change the channel)…it would have been his perfect afternoon! After many books, pretend sandwiches (which Cassidy would make with NO salt), he would say, "babe now how do you turn this on…" while handing me the remote"! Technology just wasn't his thing! But…food was!

Now Chick loved a good home cooked meal (mostly Mona's great cooking…but occasionally mine) and enjoyed just about anything I would make him…but especially a berry smoothie. Whatever I would make…he'd say…"Babe…This is the GREATEST…"

However, he never wanted to bother me with cooking (especially if Matty was traveling), and he would say…"Come on Babe…I'll take you and the kids to dinner". Never one to fight with authority…I obliged and off we'd go to dinner. The food would come…and then the bill. Chick would reach into his wallet, his fat little fingers would fiddle around a bit with the wallet… and then like magic he would pull some cash out of a "secret stash". I came to realize…and I would giggle to myself knowing that his "secret stash" was from his little bets with many of you out on those golf courses. So it is here today that the kids and I thank YOU for getting your butts whopped! Your 3 and 4 putts and and double bogeys provided us with memories of Chick that I will never forget!

Papa Chickie was special to me. He raised two amazing sons of which I am am very thankful to have in my life.

And especially for how he REALLY treated me like the daughter he never had…and for me…he was the father that I've missed so much for the last 10 years.

So in your words Chick…"You were the GREATEST!"